Monday, August 07, 2006

Cliff Jumping

Yesterday, Tony and I hung out with our friends Alekos and Kostas (who had just come to Paros a few days before) and his cousin Yiorgos. We went to a beach first called Matzelo; it’s one of the closest beaches to home. There was a concrete dock there that we all jumped off of. While I ran off the dock to dive in, I punctured my heel on one of the little stones on the dock! It hurt! Below: Matzelo and the boys: Tony, Kostas, Alekos, and Yiorgos.

After the beach, we decided to go to a nearby cliff at St.Focas and jump it. It was about 8 metres high. It took a little while to build up the nerve but it was fun once you just went for it! We did a little bit of snorkling too.

Lately, it’s been in the high 30’s and humid! Basically all day, you feel sticky and sweaty (you would die in a car, that's why I'm glad I have my bike!). At night it’s more manageable but I think all of August will be like this. We try to do the painting and stuff earlier in the day so we can race to the beach in the afternoon and cool off.

Tony leaves on Wednesday for the Army. : ( He has to do a bunch of errands before he goes so he’s busy! I’m finishing up a website for a local hotel so that’s keeping me busy too. It’ll be done soon though; then I start my fulltime job at a Graphic Design office on Aug 20. Should be interesting!


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Melissa said...

You are having so many wonderful adventures! Thanks for sharing them so we can all live vicariously.