Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bye Tony (again!)

Well, Tony left yesterday morning. I miss him! We had a good few days hanging out (but not long enough). On Sunday we went to a café in the harbor at Naoussa and had a crepe and frappe/milkshake. We also went swimming both days at Parasporos and the water was perfect! The waves weren’t too big, just right and the temperature was perfect too! I felt a little better than I did on Saturday thank goodness and I think for some reason, the salt water helped the stuffiness. Tony wanted me to try octopus, so his dad made it on Monday. It was BBQ’d with a lemon sauce to dip it in. mmm! In restaurants they serve only one leg for about 10euro but if you make it yourself, the whole octopus is about 17euro!

Lately, there has been a heat wave so the temp has been about 39degrees. It’s hard to sleep at night and during the day you can’t do anything. Only swimming makes the heat bearable but getting there is deadly. You’d think riding the motorcycle would be refreshing since the wind can cool you off….not! The wind feels like a blowtorch so it doesn’t help. There are a bunch of huge forest fires on the mainland that we’ve been watching on the news. It reminds me of watching the forest fires in BC a while back.

Yesterday, Tony barely got a ticket for the ferry; they were all booked solid (all 4 of them)! He was told by many people that he gets priority since he has to go back to the Army so he didn’t book a ticket in advance. This was a mistake, they weren’t letting him on. If he didn’t make it back to the Army by 10pm he’d get “prison,” which isn’t actual prison, it just means that they add days onto their Army time. (Tony said one guy wasn’t standing still enough in line while they were doing their drills and the officer gave him 20 extra days!) Tony is nervous about that since next year, he’ll only have about 20 days between getting out of the Army and starting school in Canada! Anyways….Tony’s mom, Linda, went down really early on Tuesday and talked to all the ferry ticket offices and left her phone number incase someone cancelled. She stayed for a while to wait and almost left for home before one of the girls flagged her down and gave her a newly available ticket. LUCKY! Below, we are at the port waiting for the ferry.

Now, he is back at the base and he should find out where he’ll be placed and whether he will be in Special Forces in the next few days. I’m not sure when I’ll see him next; it might be 2 weeks or could be 5 weeks (because I go to London in Sept so there’s a gap).


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