Thursday, July 06, 2006

Parasporo and Parikia

Tues, July 5
Below: Tony's house and on the driveway

We did a lot today! We took off to the same beach we went to yesterday (Parasporos) because it was another windy day and the waves were huge again. Some of the waves were bigger than yesterday and we got pulled under a few times but just tossed around a bit, not pulled out to sea! We were full of seaweed pieces after and it was all in our hair and stuck on our skin as the pic shows.

After the beach, we headed down to the main town, Parikia, and went for a walk. I saw the school that Tony went to when he was younger and we stopped by the church that him and his family go to. It is very old and was the first building built on the whole island! It is supposed to have 100 doors but only 99 have been found and it’s said that if the 100th door was found, it will be the fall of Constantinople.

Next, we went for a walk through the streets and alleys. There are lots of little shops and cafes all over the place. And all of the buildings are white and cube shaped with vines hanging down from patios.

We also went to an old hidden church built right into the cliff rocks. You would never know it’s there; you have to take an old crumbling path right along the water to get there.

On the way home we took the long way back through the middle of the island and had a view of Noussa, a town on the opposite side of the island.

I dropped Tones off at his yia yia’s and picked him up a bit later and had a quick visit and a snack with Tones, his dad, yia yia, and papous (grandma and grandpa). I can’t understand then when they talk but it was neat anyways! It’s interesting to try and pick out words that I know. And there are 3 kittens there that I played with too.


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