Saturday, July 29, 2006

Paint and Hills

Yesterday we painted for a few hours. Our friend Alekos came over to help us and we got lots done! It looks so much cleaner and brighter now! It’s so satisfying painting a bright fresh color over a dull dirty wall! Next we’ll paint the doors and shutters and we have to do a second coat in the bedroom area. Below: Alekos and Tones and me covered in paint.

Today, we went with Manolis and Annie to climb a hill with cool rock formations and weird old stone houses on the top. It was so hot out but we made it to the top! There was a great view from the top over Kolimpithres Beach below (Naxos is the barely visible island in the very back and the small island with the little white church on it is the one we pedaled out to the other day).

In the pic below, can you see the two monkey faces in the rock?

ps: still waiting to bring my bike home. It looks like I'll probably get it on Monday which happens to be my birthday! It'll be a nice present!

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