Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Last day in London

On Saturday it was boiling out (in the 30s)! We went to Portobello Road Market in the morning and looked around. It got sooo hot though and so full of people that we had to get out of there. No shops had air conditioning so they all felt like saunas. Next, we walked through Notting Hill and stopped at a store to buy some food for a picnic in Holland Park. It was refreshing to finally sit in the shade on the grass and eat lunch and drink sparkling raspberry juice! Below: me at Portobello Road Market, us in Nottin Hill, Tones in Holland Park

After the picnic we walked to High Street Kensington and had a frap at Starbucks then eventually headed home. The England vs Portugal game was on in the evening so we watched the end of it and it went into overtime with England eventually loosing and out of the World Cup. I bet many British cried that day…Next, we walked up to the pub where I worked and had a Pimms and some food out on the patio (below). I said bye to my coworkers and we went home to bed.


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