Thursday, July 13, 2006


We went to Milos for 3 days to visit Tony’s cousin Vasillis and his wife Flora. Flora is expecting a baby in Aug and she doesn’t speak English; Vasillis speaks a little English but not often, so it was good for me because I was forced to pick it up a little more but it’s hard.

I have never eaten as much as I did while I was there! They stuffed us up with food and wouldn’t take “I’m full” for an answer! If I had stayed there any longer I would’ve turned into a blimp. It was very good food though; I even tried sea urchin right from the beach that we swam at! I didn’t realize you had to eat it while it was still alive! That was a little difficult but it was really good.

We met a bunch of Flora’s relatives and they would always pop over. I was told by quite a few people there that I looked like a girl named Maria that lived there. I wanted to see a picture of her since we must be similar if so many people said that!

They took us to a cool café in the middle of nowhere right on a cliff over looking a really nice beach called Paleohori. It was all lit up in different colors (it was at night that we went). There were patios at all different levels; it reminded me of a tree house. We took pics but they didn’t turn out because of the darkness.

We also went to a nice beach for a few hours called Firiplaka. The water was so blue and crystal clear and had nice soft sand. On one side was a cool rock formation that we swam to. Very beautiful!

We were going to do a cruise around the island to see the most well known spots but there was a ferry back to Paros on Tues (which we planned on) and the next one wasn’t till Sat, so we decided to just go back on the first ferry. It was a good plan since the island cruise didn’t end up leaving because of the wind. Next time we’ll do that!

We took the long ferry ride back home. Did I mention that it’s a 6-7 hour ferry ride??? And on the way back it was rocking because it was windy. Luckily we didn’t get completely sick. It also stopped at 3 other islands: Kimolos, Sifnos, and Serifos, so I got to see what those ones were like (very small and rocky!) Now we are at home and we are probably going to go to Santorini next week!


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