Monday, July 17, 2006


The last few days have been relaxing. On Saturday we went to the Marathi Quarries to go for a walk. There are caves all around and we went in a few of them. You need the proper gear to go deeper (next time we'll bring flashlights and other supplies). But we went pretty far into a big cave and it was creepy! It was in the 30's outside but in the cave it was quite cold the further you went down.

Later that night we went out dancing with 5 of Tony's friends. Here, the clubs don't open till about midnight and they stay open till the morning! We ended up getting home about 5:30am. This is a pic of us being impatient before heading out lol.

Yesterday we went swimming at a cool little hidden beach in the cliffs. It was really nice and we had it to ourselves until an older couple decided to come and suntan with half of their clothes off!

After the beach we went home and Tony helped his dad put 5 chickens on a big skewer so they could be slowly roasted over the coals. It took 3 hours till they were done and it was some really good chicken!!


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