Saturday, July 01, 2006


It’s harder to update this now everyday like I used to but I’ll recap the last few days. Let’s see…

Wed: We headed to the Millennium Dome to check it out but we couldn’t go inside because of construction so we just took a pic of the outside and left a little later. We then ended up going to Green Park for a mini picnic. The weather wasn’t quite hot enough for a picnic though so we left to go back home and change because we had plans to meet Helle and her fiancé (not sure how to spell his name!) for dinner and a movie. We met them at Leicester Square at 6:00 and had a nice dinner at Bella Italian. After the dinner we bought tickets for the movie Poseidon and had some time to kill till it started so we stopped at Haagen-Dazs for a treat! They have a sit-down restaurant just for eating the ice cream with couches and tables. I had a cookies and cream type dessert! Very good! Oh and I said bye to Helle since I probably won’t see her again for a looong time (she’s getting married in Norway and moving to Hong Kong while I’m in Greece).

Thurs: Yesterday we started off by going to Piccadilly Circus and looked around. Then we bought tickets for the Big Bus Tour so we hopped on and went for a ride for a few hours to the eastern end where the Tower of London is and St. Paul’s Cathedral. We stayed on until we looped back west, had some lunch at Pret, and headed to Harrods for a browse. On our way back home we walked through Regent’s Park and saw all the roses in bloom.

Today: We started off with the British Museum. I had been there before but hadn’t seen it all. I’m glad we went because I saw a whole new section that I missed the first time! We looked around for a few hours and finally had to get out since there is too much to look at in one day. Below in the second picture are cat mummies; the small one on the left is a poor kitten and there were x-rays to show that the kitten's body is still in there!

Next, we had lunch at Pizza Express and it was really good! I had a sangria which is so refreshing on a hot day: red wine mixed with sparkling lemonade.

We headed down to Trafalgar Square where they were celebrating Canada Day (a day early). It was very hot today so everyone had their feet in the fountains. There was a little boy beside us that fell in and got soaked! It was funny, he didn’t get hurt though, he just laughed along with his parents.

It was too hot to stay out in the sun so we got frappuccinos at Starbucks and went for a walk through Piccadilly and Regent’s Street. We headed home and made some dinner and watched a movie.


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