Sunday, July 23, 2006

In the last few days we’ve been busy cleaning out my future suite and getting it ready to paint. There was soooo much to do! No one had really been in there much for 2 years so you can imagine what it looked like: full of bugs and dust and boxes. We’ve cleared all that out and hosed the whole place down. It’s clean now and today we helped patch holes with cement and plaster. It's all quite satisfying! Tomorrow we are going to buy some paint and hopefully start painting too. Below: Tony’s dad, Markos, pulling us in his tractor and us looking hot in our dirty farm clothes!

What else? We’ve been going to the beach lots like usual. We had a fun day on Friday going to Monastery Beach with Manolis and Annie. We rented a pedal powered boat and took it to a tiny island which has one little church on it, that’s it. When we got back to shore we goofed around in the water and played such games as: “How far can you throw your girlfriend”, basketball - using Manolis as the ball, and we tried to make a 4-person totem pole but could only manage 3 people.

I’m also looking around for some transportation. I was first thinking of a scooter but have change my mind to a motorbike. Motorbikes are easier to use on the bumpy roads and are a lot more fun to ride. Scooters also have smaller wheels which can be dangerous at higher speeds. I have one in mind but I haven’t decided quite yet!


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