Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Turkey Trip Pics - Day 1

At Syros and a cute kitten in Vathi, Samos.

The ferry to Kusadasi, Turkey.

Kusadasi coast.

In the carpet store with Mumer.

Turkish tea at Avlu.




Melissa said...

1. Awesome pix, as usual. Just gorgeous.
2. You have perfect fingernails. What's your secret?!
3. Did the guys you met at the rug store actually make the rugs themselves? They're crazy expensive. Who can afford them??

Travel Girl said...

1. Thanks!!

2. I never had nice nails till this year. They'd always break or I'd bite them, heehee! But for some reason, this year they seem to be stonger. I don't know why? Maybe the change in food?

3. The guys in the carpet shop didn't make the carpets, they have others that do that. They just sell them. I asked who actually buys them and it's usually rich tourists who then get them ship them back home. Some of them took close to a year to make!!!

Melissa said...

>I never had nice nails till this year.
That's very interesting! Maybe it's the food, maybe it's the change in lifestyle (more relaxed, I'm guessing).

Travel Girl said...

I think it's probably the olive oil, actually! Everyone here has so much of it in the cooking. I love it and sometimes just pour it on crackers and have that as a snack! I've also noticed less blemishes on my face and olive oil is good for the skin; so, I bet that's it! Have lots of it and see what happens...