Friday, May 25, 2007

My Family Arrives Today!

Only 3 more hours till I see my fam get off the ferry!! I haven't seen them since I left Canada in March 2006. They've been in Rome the past few days and in Athen's yesterday, so I bet they've had a great time already! My parents will stay till Monday evening and then continue on to Italy and England and my bro will stay for a few weeks, till June 8.

Unfortunately, I'm super busy at work right now (the busiest work time of year). So I'll have to come in on the weekend sometime. Monday is a holiday but my bosses wanted me to come in; instead, since they are sooo cool and know my fam will be here, they'll give me all the work I have to do and I can come in anytime over the weekend to do it. Last night I was at work till a little after 11pm printing out menus and binding them, creating a logo for a hotel, and printing and cutting business cards. My bosses ordered souvlakis and beer though, so I didn't mind staying!

The weather also leaves something to be desired. During my Turkey trip, it poured here and since then it's been a little cooler and partly cloudy with a few showers. Today looks very cloudy and it rained last night. I'm kinda disappointed because I wanted my fam to have a really good impression of Paros, not a rainy one. Hopefully it'll pick up a bit.

I booked a one-day cruise for us on Sunday. We'll all go to Delos and Mykonos for the day. That'll be fun; I just hope it doesn't rain!

Well, I most likely won't update till next week when I'm back at work so have a good weekend everyone!


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