Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This has to be a very brief yet informative post because my laptop power is low and I'm at the cafe and forgot the cord. Oh, and it doesn't help that the internet is still down at work (the guy fixing it must be taking his sweet time).

I leave for Turkey tomorrow afternoon and won't be on the internet till I get back on Monday (unless I go to an internet cafe but It's a bit of a crazy trip - lots of ferries and island hopping to get there and back). I get to meet up with Tony on the way back on Samos, so that's a bonus!

The past weekend was not good. I won't get into it but I had the same flu thing I got 2 weeks ago (exactly 2 weeks, it seems to start on Fridays). Anywho, I feel a lot better now, just have a bit of a cough and half a voice, fine by me, as long as I can get out of bed and move around now!

So, today, since I finally feel almost normal, I had to run around and do a bunch of stuff before I leave. It's 9pm and I still have to go home and pack. I work tomorrow but I'll get off a little early to catch my ferries: Paros - Syros - Samos - Kusadasi, Turkey! And repeat in opposite order.

I must go, or this won't get posted! I promise, I'll post pretty pictures and things when I get back, hopefully by then work will have internet!

M -Actually, that wasn't too brief, was it?

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