Monday, May 21, 2007

Going Home - Day 4

I'm at work now and arrived this morning on the ferry. I spent the night on Syros. I fixed the grammar mistakes in the Turkey posts (I created them so fast, I didn’t really proofread!)

Yesterday was a very nice trek home! I left Kusadasi on the morning ferry and on the way, I ended up chatting to a girl named Julie. She’s about my age, from L.A., and works for World Vision. She was travelling with a friend whom I met a little later. We decided to share a cab on Samos because I wanted to go to Karlovassi to meet up with Tony and Julie and her friend wanted to go to a town on the way.

Once we got to Samos, we grabbed a taxi and headed to the other side of the island. Julie and her friend got out and I continued to Karlovassi. The taxi driver was really nice and we talked half Greek half English the whole way. He taught me some new words and told me a little about the island. The island is very green; full of trees and beautiful mountains. In the army, Samos is known as “the jungle” because of all the trees. Most of the other islands have barely any trees at all.

After about a 40 min drive we arrived in Karlovassi and I finally met up with my Tones! We went for something to eat and headed to the harbour. There isn’t much to do in Karlovassi at all and since it was Sunday, all the shops were closed too. We had a really good time though; we went for a walk along the breakwater and went for coffee and then dessert. It was neat seeing were he hangs out all the time when he’s not in the base. I didn’t see the base itself as it’s not right by the town; you have to take a taxi to get there.

We had about 6 hours to hang out before the ferry came to take me away. It wasn’t long enough! I need more “Tones time”!!! He’s hoping he can come for a visit at the beginning of June.

Once on the ferry, I ran into Julie and her friend again (darn, I forget her name). So I sat with them the whole time and we exchanged emails at the end. They got off at Mykonos and I stayed on till Syros. I arrived at about 1am and found my hotel with little difficulty and went to bed.

This morning I got up early, grabbed a ferry to Paros and came to work. I’ll go through my photos tonight and post a whole bunch tomorrow. I have so many!

Oh! My family also left for their trip over here! At the moment they must be on the plane to London. They’ll then fly to Rome for a few days, then Athens and catch a ferry to Paros on Friday. I can hardly wait! I haven’t seen them since March 2006!!! This week will be busy as I have to clean my place from top to bottom and set up an extra bed.


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Melissa said...

Never a dull moment in Travel Girl's life! Can't wait to see the photos! Man, how do you keep all those islands straight?! ;)