Saturday, May 19, 2007

Turkey - Day 2

OK, so I’ll quickly recap yesterday which was so awsome; I did a bunch of stuff! My voice has come back so it’s fine now too.

In the morning, I took a minibus to Ephesus, about 30 mins away. It was so beautiful! The weather was a little cloudy which was perfect because there's no shade on the paths. I walked around all the old ruins including a large arena. While I was sitting on the arena's old rock benches, a group of Asian tourists started to sing hymns from the stage. The sound travelled really well and everyone clapped when they finished. I stayed there for about 2 hours and after, I walked the 1km back to the highway to catch the minibus back.

I wanted to try out the Turkish baths because I didn’t know what they were and I was curious. When I got back to the pension there were 2 others that also wanted to try the baths so we went together. Sam and Veronique are brother and sister in their 20’s from Quebec and we all got along well. When we arrived, we had to put on these red wraps around our bodies (I brought my bathing suit too for underneath). Then we went into this big steam room with low sinks on the walls and a raised marble block in the middle which was heated. We used bowls to pour water from the sinks over us and laid on the heated marble block. It was so relaxing. Next, we got exfoliation, massages, and hair washing. After the three of us were done they gave us white robes and took our red ones away and that was that. I’m so glad I tried it out it was so so nice!

We then went for something to eat at a little restaurant and decided to meet up later at the pension to hang out. I took off and bought a few souvenirs and said hi to my friends from yesterday as I walked by.

I headed back to the pension and met Sam and Veronique on the rooftop patio. We wanted to try the shisha which is a large pipe that you put flavoured tobacco stuff in and smoke it. It was yummy, just like flavoured air; we had peach. Then I went to bed.


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