Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Flight Home

Well, I just booked my flight home and it's for Sept 20/07. I got a great deal (looks like you can get budget flights across the Atlantic now). It was about 250 euro for a flight from London to Vancouver! Not bad at all!

In other news, I'll probably book my ferry tickets to Turkey very soon. I leave next Wed, so it's not that far away!
On Sunday, it was so nice and warm! It was the first time I rode the motorbike in a tanktop. I did a clockwise loop around the island and stopped at Lefkes for a walk (pics below):

After Lefkes, I beach hopped; I stopped at Golden Beach (pictured) which was quite empty, so I tanned in peace and quiet and tried out the water too! Next I headed to Parasporos, one of my faves. It's an awesome beach to come to when it's a little windy because the waves get pretty big and it's so much fun to play in them! There were no wave this time though. the last pic is of a little church yard I stopped at.


Melissa said...

WOW, that is a bargain! May I ask what airline? I'm looking at tickets to London, and the prices for this summer are outrageous, and I'm sure they'll only go up!

Travel Girl said...

The best way that I've found to look up cheap flights is

It's amazing! I've tried so many other ways like looking up individual airlines or Expedia type sites and this seems to be the best one I've found by far! I've used this for most of my flights except once in a while if I spot a deal elsewhere. Anyways, hope that helps, I've gotta run home and pack! (Turkey tomorrow)