Thursday, March 01, 2007

Spring Day

Today is beautiful out! That past few days have been pretty cold and cloudy but today, right on the first day of March, the sun came out and it’s nice and warm. Apparently, March can still be cool but it’s nice to know the hot beach days are slowly on their way. There is also a café near the port called “Zorbas” that sells really good souvlaki and it opened today, after being closed for the winter; that’s a good sign. That means other shops and cafés will start to open soon to get ready for the busy time of year. I’ve been getting busier at work too. Since all the shops will start to open, they’ll need advertising. From now on it’ll get busier until Aug when the work will die down.

Here are some recent Army pics. Tony was very sick yesterday with a bad flu and had to stay in bed all day. Luckily, he’s feeling a bit better today. He may be coming here again in over a week so I hope that works out!


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