Friday, March 09, 2007

Next Week

This week has been pretty low-key. I’m excited about next week though. I found out Tony is coming on Monday night and he’ll be here all week. Next Friday and Saturday, he has to do English tests in Athens, so I’m going with him. We’ll hang out in Athens and stay at his cousin’s till we take separate ferries back to our respective islands on Sunday. I’m looking forward to it!! Oh ya, and today is the 7 month point for Tony being in the Army – 5 more months to go (not that I’m keeping track or anything ;))

What else? Not much. I’ve noticed a few tourists starting to come around. I can tell because I sometimes overhear English, French, or German. And in the supermarkets, they are wandering around trying to find things. I remember when I first came, I didn’t know what kind of milk to get so I used the same kind Tony’s parents use. It comes in little cans and doesn’t have to be refrigerated until it’s opened, I wouldn’t have guessed that was milk!



Anonymous said...

Heh Travel Girl, maybe you could create a part-time venture for yourself.....orientating tourists!! Or even being a guide. You know a lot and some of those spectacular coves and remote spots you've travelled to. But a tourist would find YOUR knowledge most helpful. And in THEIR language. Just a thought; ciao. Cathy R.

elisa said...

I totally remember that feeling of having to wait for (well for me it was Ryan) your guy. And you just get so excited to see him and then the weekend is over before it starts. But in the long run it's so worth it!
Love your blog!

Travel Girl said...

Cathy, that would be a good idea to be a tourist guide! Hmmmmm....

Elisa, yes, I bet you do know what it's like! I think it'll be worth it too, it's a good test.