Monday, March 19, 2007

Athens long weekend

I got back late last night from Athens and it was fun! We did a bunch of things and met up with friends so I’ll try to pack it all into one post. The weather was sunny and warm too which was the icing on the cake. I didn't take too many pics though.

On Friday we took a morning ferry over (above: on the ferry leaving Paros and a panorama of the port in Paroikia) and got there just in time for the first of two English tests Tony had to take. Alekos met up with us there so he and I went for coffee while Tony did his test.

Once Tony was done the three of us headed to an area near Omonia that is full of computer stores. We wanted to look at external hard drives. After lugging our bags around and checking out a million stores, Tony bought a hard drive, and Alekos and I bought flash drives. We headed over to Antonis’ next (where we stayed).

I don't know what's going on here lol.

We all wanted to see the movie “300” so we bought tickets at a near by cinema and had some time to kill untill it started at 11pm. We met up with Kostas who is car crazy and the 5 of us all packed into his car and he took us to a spot that he hangs out with other car crazy people. It’s a huge parking lot (I think it’s at a mall?) and it’s like “The Fast and the Furious”. There are cars and people everywhere (and motorcycles) and they just hang out and do crazy tricks and show off their sounds systems. There were tires screeching and guys doing pop wheelies everywhere. Apparently, it was dead when we were there, there are usually thousands of cars and they all have their own sections (some for sound systems, custom work, motorcycles, tricks...). Accidents happen every night.

Anyways, we headed back to the cinema and saw “300”. I really liked it! It’s a bit gory but it’s a war movie, so it happens. The effects were really cool. The guys seemed to like it. There was some applause when it finished.

On Saturday, Tony had another longer test to do so we went together. The test was about 4 hours so I wished him luck and headed out of Athens on the metro to “The Mall”. It’s a huge… well… mall. I checked that out for a few hours. It had a bunch of clothing shops and home decorating shops. The whole ceiling was a sun roof so it was very bright and it was shaped in a huge loop (below is a pic of part of it). I bought a long, green, sweater, tank top/dress thing (it’s cute).

We met up again after the test was over and headed back to Antonis’. We were thinking of going out dancing but ended up just hanging out at “home” and stuffed ourselves with yummy pizza that Antonis’ girlfriend made.

Sunday was our last day in Athens. The three of us headed out and we bought our ferry tickets and went to Monastiraki to look around. That area is full of cafés, shops, and right near the Acropolis which means it’s full of people. Even now in March it was packed! We had a bite to eat and looked in a few shops then headed back to pick up our bags.

We went to Pireaus to catch our ferries. Tony’s left first so we sat at a café near his ferry until it left and we had to say our good bye’s. :( And then Antonis and I walked to where mine took off so I said bye to him and got on.

Waiting for the ferries (Antonis, Antonis, me).

My ferry was only 5 hours but Tony’s took 12 to get back to Samos. Once he got there (this morning), he found out the time slot he gets off for Easter and it’s a good one! April 4-11. That means he’ll be here for some of the festivities leading up to Easter and Easter day itself when they roast the lamb on the spit and it’ll all happen at his house this year. So that’s going to be a lot of fun and it’s less than 3 weeks away!

On the ferry home and a pic of the port on Syros.

Ok, well I’ve gotta go, I’m back to work now!



Melissa said...

So I have a question...when you go to the movies in Greece, is the film in English with Greek subtitles?

Oh, and nice job on the panorama. It looks awesome!

Glad you and Tony are getting to spend so much time together (considering he's in the military!).

Travel Girl said...

Yep, all the movies seem to be in English with Greek subtitles except for the animated ones which are dubbed most of the time.

I know. I'm glad I've gotten to see him so much lately and soon Easter will be here and so will Tones!