Friday, March 23, 2007

Army Food

Well this week frickin flew by. Yesterday, I was trying to figure out what day it was and I thought for sure it was Tuesday. Anyways, that’s good because it’s getting closer to Easter and another Tony visit.

Yesterday was sooooo windy! A man had an accident because his motorbike was blown over while he was on it. After work, my bosses followed me in a car to make sure I got home alright, it was that bad. I was going to try out a yoga class in the evening but passed since I didn’t want to risk my life to get there, lol! Next week. I’ve been so busy at work, it’s really picked up. I’m going in tomorrow for a few hours too.

I’m so sore today because in karate on Wed we learned how to fall properly. It was quite funny! We all had to fall to our front, back, sides, and had to roll onto our backs; so we were constantly getting up and throwing ourselves on the ground again. It was fun – I’m not sure why it was though.

I don’t have any pics from this week but I’ve decided to show you the gourmet food Tony gets to eat in the Army. He’s one lucky guy! Check out the succulent dishes he gets to dine on everyday.



lilith said...

absolutly delicious! its like regergitated college food.

Melissa said...

That food is NASTY looking!

What nice bosses you have, that they followed you home for safety.

Travel Girl said...

Ya, my bosses are great!