Thursday, November 16, 2006

Random Stuff

I'm looking forward to next week; Tony is coming on Wed night! We were going to meet up in Athens next weekend but for him it made more sense to come to Paros first and then we can go to Athens together. So, I'm happy! Then I get to check out Milan for a few days after that.

What else? This is just a random post with no real point by the way. Oh, Markos gave me a bottle of homemade olive oil from the olives we picked a week ago. Unfortunately, I wasn't around for the pressing of the olives. It tastes so different than any other oil I've tried. It has a pretty strong flavour and tastes very fresh! You can have it with bread on its own and it's a really good snack.

Last night I went to Anna's house after karate (she's one of my karate buddies). We had a good time talking and I learned a bit more Greek too.

I've been getting Christmas cards and things ready to send and I have a ton of writing to do! I think I should do a couple per day but I'd like to send them all early next week if I can (before Tones get's here and my trip). So that's going to keep me busy for the next few days!

Here's a pic I made recently for fun. I want to update my poor website very badly so I'm in the process of getting ideas for it. This is supposed to be me, I think, with my laptop.


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Melissa said...

How cool that you got some of the olive oil from the very olives you picked. That is so neat!