Monday, November 20, 2006

Being a Tourist in Your Own Town

This weekend went by sooo fast! On Saturday, the weather was beautiful; There were no clouds or wind and it was sandal and t-shirt weather! So warm. I even thought of going to the beach and trying to go for a swim! But I decided to walk around Paroikia and explore it a bit more instead.

In the heart of Paroikia are many shops and alleys. It's only walking territory, no vehicles allowed except for the odd scooter that sneaks in. I've walked through Paroikia many times before but I always stayed on the main market streets. I hadn't really ventured into the side alleys. This time I purposefully tried to get lost and went down any unfamiliar alley I could find. I ended up walking by some really cute shops and picturesque buildings. It's mostly residential too so there is laundry hanging out to dry and cats everywhere waiting for scraps of food. Even some rundown buildings that I saw were still quite beautiful in their own way. I took some pictures but forgot to bring them to work. I'll upload them tomorrow.

What else? I also helped out at Linda's school and typed and printed out some Christmas carols for the kids (there're going to put on a Christmas play). Then in the evenings we made food and watched movies.

Tony comes late Wed night so I'm really looking forward to that!


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