Monday, November 13, 2006

Lefkes and the Island

I had another eventful weekend. First off, on Saturday, it was our 1-year anniversary for Tony and I! Too bad he wasn’t over for a visit but we’ll make up for it when I see him in Athens; we’ll go on a date! I forgot it was Remembrance Day back home too which means it was my grandpa’s birthday, so Happy Birthday Grandpa!

I got pretty beat up in karate on Friday so I was a little sore for a few days (took the skin off of three knuckles and have a bruise on my chest along with sore muscles). We were in partners and we had to get the other person on the ground by pushing, pulling, twisting, or tripping. It was fun though. I was partnered with brown belt guys so I didn’t care about being careful not to hurt them, I just went for it!

On Sat and Sun evening I went upstairs and we made food and watched movies. I learned how to make rabbit and we made more chocolate/raisin/oatmeal cookies and on Sunday it was pizza! mmmmmmm! I stuffed myself like crazy so now I have to be good.

On Sunday, it was soo soo beautiful out; very sunny! I decided to go for a ride around the whole island. I had never been to the south part of the island and I felt like I should see it all since I live here! So I started going south along the west coast and went counter clockwise. It was nice to ride my motorbike on the long windy empty roads. I got up to 110 kms per hour at one point (a record for me so far on my bike). Don't worry, I was safe and I don't do it often at all!

I stopped along the way at Golden Beach. It’s a large beach with soft sand and it’s very popular for kite boarding and wind surfing. There was barely anyone out. The roads were pretty bare too. It’s because of the time of year and on Sunday afternoons the island is usually like a ghost town.

Next, I stopped at Pisso Livadi (pictured below), which is a little town on the water on the east side. I’ve been there a few times for coffee but it was always in the evening so it was nice seeing it in the daylight. After that town I headed towards the middle of the Island since I know Naoussa which would've been the next stop on the course. It’s a really nice drive through the mountains and there are some great views! (below and Naxos is the island in the back)

I went to Lefkes next. It’s a little mountain village in the middle of the island. I had driven by it before but never got out to explore it and I’m glad I did! It is absolutely beautiful and very picturesque. The population is 500 and it’s right on a hillside so the whole town slopes. The buildings are all connected together and there is a labyrinth of quaint paths to walk along. I think it’s my favourite town on the island. I’ll definitely go back and explore some more! It took about 3 hours to go around the whole island with stops along the way so it gives you an idea of how small it is.

One last thing! Tony was in the parade for the President on Sunday too. They had to practice for hours each day to learn the moves and to be completely in sync. He also said that the showers at the base (when he has time to take one, not often) are so cold that they hurt! Sounds like fun to me... not!


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Melissa said...

Your pictures are stunning! My favorite is the one with the stairway and the blue doors. Thanks for sharing!