Monday, April 30, 2007


Ok, so since Thurs evening, I’ve been sick with something that left me bed/couch ridden the whole weekend. I can’t figure out what it is. Today is the first day that I feel semi-normal. Maybe one of you can help me out and tell me what was wrong with me because I’m curious. Here are the symptoms:

1. An ongoing headache from Thursday night till Sunday night.

2. Becoming so cold that shivering and teeth clattering occur even though one is wearing a fleecy, wrapped in both a fleecy and wool blanket, and has a free-standing heater about a foot away.

3. After being freezing for a time, one’s body starts to feel the exact opposite and sweating occurs and one can feel the heat emanating from one’s face.

4. A sore neck (not throat) …neck, in which case one can’t move one’s head in any direction other than straight. (this happened for 2 days).

5. Loss of appetite.

6. Slight case of nausea

…..I don’t get it. If I had a cold or cough to go along with it, it might make more sense but I didn’t. If any of you know what this is or what it’s caused by….etc. Fill me in!

What other news? Tony is back at Samos and is waiting to hear if he’ll be switched to a different base (he really want’s to go to one near Athens) so we’ll see!

I’m planning my trip to Turkey and it’ll happen in the middle of May a week before my fam arrives!

Tomorrow, I have the day off because of the May 1 holiday but I think I’ll come into work for a bit to make-up for my upcoming trip.

It looks like they’re setting up some kind of circus near the beach so I’ll have to check it out when it’s ready.

I think that’s it for now… Oh, one more thing, apparently they are calling for the hottest summer here in 150 years!!! I can’t really imagine what that would be like. Yikes…



Melissa said...

Um, flu?

Bummer. Glad you're feeling better.

Travel Girl said...

Yeah, I guess it was some kinda flu, I just assumed flus had sneezing, runny nose, and coughing involved too. Whatever, it's over! ;)