Monday, April 23, 2007

Fun Weekend!

This will be a quicky! I was too busy at work today to write my post but I want to throw some stuff up even if I have to stay a little later.

On Sunday Tones and I had such a nice day! We went to Naoussa in the morning for crepes and frappes in the harbour. Later, we walked around and ate gelatos. Here are some pics from Naoussa:

Later in the day it was sooo nice and warm that we decided to go to the beach and suntan. I tried the water, but it's still quite cold.

After the beach I wanted to pick flowers for my place because there are tons of wild flowers everywhere right now. Tones helped and gave me a beautiful big bouquet complete with whole flower bushes including the romantic!!

Tomorrow will be a sad, sad day. Tony leaves in the evening to go back. I've gotten so used to him being here (12 days is a long time since the usual visits are about 3 days or so). I think I'll skip karate tonight so we can hang out - last week my sensei was saying what a good student I was because I still came to the lessons while Tony was visiting. Well, I was a good student up until today!


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