Monday, April 02, 2007

Hiking and Walking Around

On the weekend I ventured out to the Marathi caves. I followed the zigzag path up one of the mountains to the top. At the top are a few little churches and more mountains and a valley (pictured below). There are a few caves on the way up too.

On the way back to my bike, I stopped at one of the biggest caves. It looked nice with all the green growing around it. I went down into it and once your eye gets adjusted to the darkness you can see quite far. It’s steep inside and goes in a straight line down and at the bottom there is a labyrinth of smaller caves you can go into but you definitely need a flashlight!

There were a few goats and a pony hanging out around there too (ignore the goat peeing in the background). The pony has a rope connecting one of it’s front feet with one in the back so that it won’t get very far if it runs away. A lot of goats and cows get a rope like that one their legs too.

A few days before, I went for another walk close to home. There is a mountain with a great view of Paroikia. At the top, it’s called the Delion Sanctuary of Apollo and there are some old rock walls and what look like old rock houses? Here are some pics from that - I look scary in the last one!

Also, this week is a short week because I get Friday off (and next Monday so it's a 4 day weekend)! I'm going to shop for a dress or skirt to wear for Easter and the baptism coming up the next weekend. Tony is on the boat mission and is at Leros right now and will probably be there through Easter.


Melissa said...

Bummer about Tony and Easter, but it might work out for the best with the baptism and all.

Your comment about the goat had me laughing out loud!

Those caves are so cool looking.

ryan and elisa said...

Wow that looks amazing and a bit creepy!! I would expect someone or something to jump out at me!
When are you coming back to Vic?
You're great at blog updates!!

Travel Girl said...

Hi Elisa! Ya, those caves are a bit creepy but I've never seen any animal in them except really big spiders :-0

I'll probably come back to Vic around Christmas 2007ish.

Anonymous said...

Is that goat taking a dump???