Tuesday, March 28, 2006

walking walking walking

Today all I did was walk. My body wanted to just sleep all day but I forced it to go for the longest walk possible! In the morning I took off outside and had no map, since my luggage was still gone, so I just left and picked a road (I was also a dork and thought ''I'm practically a local now, I have no need of touristy maps!'').

I ended up hitting Oxford Street and was overloaded with clothing stores! I wanted to buy everything, but ended up with nothing (usually the case because I'm cheap and like to save). I got approached by a model and talent scout who wanted me to do some modeling and extra work (something I'd be interested in anyways) so that could be fun. Don't worry, if I do, I'll make sure they're the real deal. Then I ended up at Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Had a snack and headed to Harrods and Hyde Park and some how ended up back at the hostel 5 hours later where I collapsed for the second time and made sure I still had feet instead of worn stumps.

The weather was nice today too. I was never cold (which says a lot!) partly sunny and cloudy. It was windy though and near the end I got drenched, but it wasn't cold, that's the main thing.

I think tomorrow I'll walk around my new future neighborhood and Regent's park. I also have to go to a SWAP orientation. Oh, and my luggage was waiting there quietly for me. I'm going to loose it more often! You don't have to lug it around, it just shows up for you. Convenient!



jc&tw said...

Hi M. (Don't know if we are to use your name or not. From the intials you can tell it's the head honchos on Quadra!! Glad to hear you arrived safely and that luggage has arrived. Will pass on your news to the rest of the gang that might not have access to it. Keep us up to date.

mom said...

Hi M,
I'm just testing to see if this works!