Friday, March 31, 2006


I did a bunch of stuff today. First I started with some shoe shopping on Oxford because I've been wearing the same shoes for the past few days and my feet are starting to hurt (I'm walking way too much in them!) Perfect excuse for a new pair or two! It ended up being two because I found a ''buy 2 for 40£'' sale, that is very cheap! They are cute little shoes that are kinda metallic goldy with beading. Different than what I usually wear but they are popular here and I think they're cute! Anyways....

Then I met up with a Norwegian girl named Helle. She's very nice! We went for lunch and I went to her place after for a quick visit! She showed me the ropes for riding the bus, which I want to get more into since the Tube is expensive and you can see more of the layout of the city on a bus.

Then I headed to the Natural History Museum. It was interesting a quite large! For some reason I was feeling nauseous most of the day, so I had to leave early and head back to the hostel. I had time to see the Dinosaur and Human Biology exhibits though.

After I was feeling a bit better I was craving some tea! I headed to Starbucks; yes I know, I should be boycotting it since it's soooooo North American! But it was the closest place to get a cuppa! So I curled up in a comfy chair and studied some Greek.

Now I'm back at the hostel and I'm going to get my things together and organized since I'm moving into my flat tomorrow! That'll be nice! I think I'm going to check out Camden Market too since it's right down the road from my place.


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