Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Getting Started

I thought this would be a good idea since I'm moving away and I can just update this blog to let everyone know what I'm up to without sending a million emails!

So far I've bought my tickets to London and joined SWAP, now I just have to apply for the UK working visa and I'm set, I'll be leaving on March 26, 2006! Now, I have to: tie up loose ends here, give away or sell a bunch of stuff, figure out what to bring and leave, look for possible jobs online before I get there, buy a laptop, decide where I'll want to travel and when, figure out the financial stuff, pack everything that I'll be saving for when I get back, find a place for my car, you know, the usual. It'll take a couple minutes out of my busy schedule, but hey, I guess I can sacrifice the time.


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